What's up with wassap?

Wassap is a micro network - or maybe a micro blog, whichever you prefer. It's not social, at least that is for sure: You can't connect to other people, you can't poke 'em or send them lists about "25 things I am embarrassed to tell anybody else". You can't even join.

Oh, hold on. Maybe you actually can. But let us tell you first what Wassap really is.

Wassap is a micro blog because Michele Jaffe and Dietmar Stork, the two owners of this site, post random notes and photos to keep each other updated about "what's up". We don't want to post lengthy philosophical essays, nor do we want to talk about that we finally did the dishes. (Well, actually we’re gonna see about all that in the long run.)

Wassap is also a micro network because it is a network of two - and don't tell us that ain't no network, dude. Yes it is. It's just tiny.

And if you are a really good friend who wants to know what we are doing and wants to tell us what's up with your life, you can politely ask us to join. Just drop us a line, and we’ll see what we can do!